This page is designed to assist you in measuring and ordering door locks, handles and cylinders. Once you have measured what you need then please ring our shop on 01205 311119 and we can provide a quote for the part you require. 


How To Measure A Upvc Multipoint Door Lock







                   A) Measure the Backset (mm)

           B) Measure PZ Height (mm)

           C) Note Any Stamp Markings on the Face Plate

           D) Is the Manufacturer Known


If you need the whole door lock and not just the gearbox (above), then you will need to identify what locking types are on the strip of the door lock and how many.  To help you here are the main locking types you will find in a door lock:




Small Hook     Mushroom       Roller        Deadbolt        Hook 


You should now have all the information you need to find the exact door lock you require, ring us for a quote or if you are still having trouble measuring your lock then we maybe able to assist you.


How To Measure A Door Handle 


You will need to measure the following dimensions: 



A) Spindle to Cylinder (mm) 

 B) Top Screw to Bottom screw (mm)

C)  Backplate Height (mm)

D)  Backplate Width (mm)

E)  Top Screw to Spindle (mm)


You should now have all the information you need to find the exact door handle you require, ring us to order or reserve your door handle now.


How to Measure a Upvc Door Cylinder 


To determine the size of your door cylinder then simply remove the retaining screw which holds the door cylinder in place from the main door lock. The screw is located level with the cylinder itself. Turn the key slightly and slowly slide the cylinder out.

Now you have the cylinder in your hand note down the below measurements: 





 **Measure from one end of the cylinder to the central screw hole. Take both measurements in mm, most cylinders tend to be offset. If measurement A equals 45mm and measurement B equals 55mm then you require a 45/55 cylinder.









With your sizes noted visit our shop or ring us on 01205 311119 to order your new cylinder.